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7 Rules for Maxmizing your Creative Output

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IdeaDrawingXSmall4Now, you have some work to do, and you want the best you can do out of it .. So, you go like “Boy, this thing’s gotta be really creative .. !!”

Ever thought how you could force that?!
According to Steve Pavlina, these seven rules will help you maximize your creative output ..

  1. Define a clear purpose ..
    A simple, straightforward purpose like, “Let’s build a castle with these blocks” is all you need.
  1. Identify a compelling motive ..
    The more compelling the motive, the more likely you are to summon high levels of creativity. Imagine that your inner creative resources are lazy, and they need a damned good reason to roll out of bed and go to work for you.
  1. Architect a worthy challenge ..
    If a task is too easy, you don’t need to be particularly creative, so your creative self will simply say, “You can manage this one without me. Come back when you have something worthy of my attention.”
  1. Provide a conducive environment ..
    You’ll find that certain environmental conditions make it easy for you to enter the flow state, while other conditions make it nearly impossible.
  1. Allocate a committed block of time ..
    Imagine your mind is like a computer. The more you can take advantage of the computer’s resources, the more creativity you harness. To free up the most resources for your creative task, you first need to unload all nonessential processes.
    It normally takes me about 15 minutes to begin to enter the flow state, and I’m solidly entranced after about 45-60 minutes. By the end of the first hour, I’m just getting into the task. My real creative output happens in hours 2, 3, 4, and beyond.
  1. Prevent interruptions and distractions ..
    If you can’t keep yourself from being disturbed by urgent phone calls, emails, or drop-in visitors, you won’t consistently achieve and maintain the flow state. You must do whatever it takes to prevent unnecessary interruptions during your creative periods. If you work for someone who expects you to produce creative work but makes it impossible for you to tune out interruptions, fire your boss.
  1. Master your tools ..
    When you’re in the flow state, you won’t be worrying about where your fingers need to be, what buttons you need to click, or what words you need to type. After your creative flow state churns out your first draft, you’re always free to go back and edit it later.

Get the creative, right-brain part done first. Then go back and do a logical, left-brain pass to make refinements and correct any problems.

Entering and maintaining the highly creative flow state is a skill, not a blessing, an accident, or a fluke. By making the rules above habits and adapting them to your situation, you can experience the flow state as a regular, perhaps even daily, occurrence. And once you learn to harness the power of flow, your creative output will soar.


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January 9, 2008 at 9:39 pm

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