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The Container Theory

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“How can I become a cultured, knowledgeable, broad-minded person with a multi-dimensional character?” A lot of people ask me that question. Obviously, it’s a question that haunts too many people who are suddenly feel shocked to realize how shallow they are at that relatively old age in comparison to their peers …

Well, I always thought a human being is pretty much very similar to a mere container in so many aspects ..

  • In a dictionary, the word container \kən-ˈtā-nər\ (noun) an object used to hold or store things or goods in. Think of a human being as some sort of container with an infinite limitation of capacity, that holds or stores data, information, and most of all, experiences.
  • The Container ...The concept of “filling-up” the container is absolute. Every day, every moment, every incident, every word, every situation, every mistake, every achievement, is added. When is it enough? Never! How long does it take? Forever!
  • Hence, the concept of “measuring” the container is impractical. If both of us have two huge cardboard boxes of the same size, I could fill it up with pillows, I could even fill it up with balloons, at the time you could place one solid heavy rock that fills five percent of its volume – it’s the quality, not the quantity!
  • The container concept allows the addition of an infinite number of items. You can place as many things as you would – keeping aside the fact that they still do affect each other!
    You experiences, thoughts and memories hugely affect each other, but it’s their sum is who we are. In a fridge, think of placing fish or garlic next to cheese for example. In a sink, imagine of pouring in some water over clothes or paper. My favorite, picture a glass of water where you make a couple of color drops and watch them spread between the particles of the water ..
  • The container concept also allows the variety and diversity of the contents. That diversity is what makes a container unique and rich. In a fridge, having only garlic, and only garlic, would not make your dinner.
  • It’s your duty to keep it filled-up and keep that filling process continuous, but it hasn’t always been! At some age before, it was your parents, your family, your school, your friends, your environment, that filled you up to become a seed to what you are now. This is the phase that defines how willing you will become to fill yourself up – after God’s will of course!
    It’s more obvious to realize that if we compared parents who cared a lot about educating and culturing their children at a young age, leading to a promising grown-ups, to other who implemented the method of “life will educate them better” and left their children to meet their fate. Yes, I do agree, some made it out, but no, most didn’t! Most made it to become average individuals struggling for their lives, not those unique, remarkable ones who lead.
  • In one of the applications of the 80-20 principle, 20 percent of the people decide, lead or affect the other 80 percent’s lives. I believe we could agree that those 20 percent  would rather posses “richer” containers with a huge diversity in their contents.

In conclusion, we should all strive to fill our containers and grasp every single chance to do so (especially to parents towards their children). It’s only then when we begin to realize how meaningful our lives have become. It’s what makes us different, and makes us appreciate and enjoy the fact that each and every person of us is unique, no matter how rich their containers are. It’s a life-long process; it’s not like “I’ll go become that cultured, knowledgeable person in a an hour and I’ll be right back!” Start now – it’s never too late!

— It’s really funny thinking of such a topic while studying Neural Networks for tomorrow’s exam!


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May 13, 2008 at 3:18 am

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