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Google Talk, Reader, Notebook and Calendar in your Firefox Sidebar!

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So, here’s the trick. Firefox enables you to open any website from your bookmarks in the sidebar. Here’s how you could do that …

  1. Right-click on any URL and bookmark it.
  2. Go to your bookmarks (Ctrl+B) and right click on the bookmark you just saved > Properties.   (Or, if you’ve saved it to the Bookmarks Toolbar, just right-click it and do the same.)
  3. Check “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”

Now, we’re going to use that to open Google Talk, Google Reader, Google Notebook, or even Google Calendar in the sidebar. You just need the bookmarks, don’t you? Here you go ..

  1. Go to Google Calendar. On the left-pane, find and click on “Manage Calendars”.
  2. Click on you main calendar. Scroll to the bottom and find “Private Address”, Press the “HTML” button, then click the link to launch the “Configuration Tool” from the popup.
  3. In the launched Calendar Helper, uncheck all items under “Show”, set the “Width” to 270, set the default view to “Agenda”, and check only the calendars you want to show under “Calendars to Display”.
  4. Press “Update HTML” then copy the code below it.
  5. Open Notepad, paste the code, and save the file as an .html file somewhere on your hard drive.
  6. Open this file in Firefox (Double-click it, drag-and-drop it into Firefox, or use File > Open to do so!)
  7. Bookmark the page (Ctrl+D). Then follow the steps 2 and 3 to load the bookmark in the sidebar. (If you are using several PCs, using an extension as Foxmarks could help sync that across them).


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May 19, 2008 at 11:20 pm

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