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Facebook Redesigned

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Earlier this month, it was announced that Facebook team will redesign the profiles to be launched in a few weeks (which seems to be pretty much towards a Web Operating System look!)

Goals for new design:

  • For users: Make profiles cleaner and simpler, give users more control over their profiles, and emphasize recent and relevant information
  • For developers: Create more meaningful engagement with users, offer new integration points in profiles, and provide distribution for engaging applications

Facebook New Design!

Here are a few things to come …

  • Navigation will change – left navigation menu has gone.
  • The new design takes advantage of tabs – splitting up the different types of information, making it simpler to navigate:
    • Feed TabFeed Tab: “Heart of the new profile”. Continuous streaming of all different types of information (wall posts, stories, etc.). With publisher tool, both owners and viewers can create content on the profile. With story re-sizing feature, users can choose from 3 different sized stories: full, medium, and one line.
    • Info Tab: Contains contents of original core Facebook profile (Basic Information, Personal Information, etc.). Reason for splitting the feed and info tabs: feed content changes often, info content tends to be more static. Applications can add text and images on the info tab page to Info Tabprovide more information about a user. List top friends, top music choices, etc. “New ways for users to represent themselves”. Travel, sports, entertainment are all possible areas to do this. They also want to make the info tab extensible for third party developers (no details yet what that will entail).
    • Photos Tab: 14 million photos uploaded daily, 6 billion total – a very popular application across Facebook, hence its own tab. Applications TabPhotos is just one example of many applications that can blow up and get their own tabs.
    • Boxes Tab: Place for application boxes, as you see mixed in with information and feed on current profile. All current boxes on profile will be completely preserved. Users will still have control over moving boxes around, resizing them, etc. “A lot of value here” to putting boxes on own page. Two types of boxes: wide and narrow. 
    • Custom Application Tab: Users can create individual tabs for each application, to showcase their favorites. You can control where the tabs show up.
  • The Applications menu now sits at the top of the page, instead of on the left side. Within the new Applications menu, there will be “Bookmarks” and “Recent Applications” sections.  You will be able to add applications to your “Bookmarks” section.
  • The Search box now sits in the top menu as well.
  • The “Profile” link has been replaced by your first name and last initial – e.g. “Alaa S”.
  • Facebook ads will now appear on the right side of the page, instead of on the left. This will make the left side seem relatively bare.

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Written by AlaaShaker

May 25, 2008 at 10:25 pm

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