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CushyCMS: Ease of use

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I’ve been working around several CMSs in the past year. They are just great. They make your life far much easier – provided you can manage them. CushyCMS is a new Web CMS that I’ll be discussing shortly …

Wait, what is a CMS?

So, a CMS – short for Content Management System – is computer software used to create, edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently-organized fashion. In a simpler definition, it is a system that is set up where some “administrators” allow some “authors” to add some “content” to be viewed by some “users” in an easier way.

You need to simply install the software on some server, that usually has a database. Administrators assign roles and responsibilities to individual users or groups, along with other content settings, modules, add-ons, plugins, and so on. Authors (or administrators) are allowed to add the content. The content can be articles, blogs, manuals, guides, forums, and you name it. It may also contain text, images, audio files, video files, any other web content, along with a user directory. It provides a global repository for the content, that can be edited (by authors/admins) or viewed (by users) through any network (or the Internet). Some are free, some aren’t – mainly depends on your usage!

There are several CMSs as:

Notice how the PHP-based outdo the .NET-based. LOL.

Now, back to our CushyCMS!

So, what’s different about CushyCMS? Usually, as I’ve just said, you first install the CMS on some server, make some settings adjustments, fill it up with content, and that’s it. What if you already have a website hosted on some server with static content loaded already, and you wanted to enable some “authors” to dynamically edit and update the content? Go buy a CMS, install it, set it up, then copy all the data? NO! Go for CushyCMS …

First, you sign up and register that old website of yours in CushyCMS. Then, logged in as a designer, select an old page from the website to assign it. The following lines of HTML simply define a header (title), an image, and some paragraph of text. Notice the part class=”cushycms”. Just adding this to you old HTML page makes it editable – just login as an author and you will find a WYSIWYG form with those three items, editable!

   1: <h1 class="cushycms" title="My Heading">This is my title</h1>
   2: <img src="myImage.jpg" class="cushycms" width="250" height="100" alt="Photo" />
   3: <div class="cushycms" title="Main Content">
   4:     <p>This is a silly paragraph of text that mocks real editable content to be 
   5:         placed at some later time</p>
   6: </div>

You can go watch this on their website where a guy demonstrates how they have made this process very easy. This next movie is for the same guy, Guy King from Stateless Systems, doing pretty much the same example (I prefer watching the one on the website – neater):

As you’ve seen, they’re motto “Ease of use” becomes very obvious. CushyCMS can help so many people not rebuild their whole website and still make their content dynamically updated and exciting.

You can also check their informative, short documentation page for more information. And for more about CMSs, check this page.


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May 27, 2008 at 7:28 pm

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