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The new Facebook design is out now for testing and feedback collection.

So, is it better? At least it’s faster! Way faster! (Even though updates arrive late according to timestamps).
I believe that the usability and the user experience behind the interface is what matters most. Regardless how the new interface looks, people won’t like the huge change they’ll see (it’s not huge for me, regular users will find it so). It will take some time for the average user to get aquatinted with the new interface. Such process should be taken gradually, just like the first time – seems they’ll miss that this time!

Let’s have a look …

I like the new upper, blue bar with the links and search, the new home and settings icons, too. Security button now has a menu grouping Account Settings and Privacy Settings, at last. They also added an “Applications” list, where you can quickly access your installed applications. It holds only bookmarked applications, and that you can customize easily by adding and removing from the list – but why do they still keep a “Bookmarks” section on the right to do the same job? Don’t know, perhaps a testing phase ..

The Facebook Home page has turned much into a blog-styled page, especially with the right pane (I liked the old left and right panes more honestly, coz it’s like we’re going backwards in design). The left pane: Search is up, bookmarks are to the right below the status. Status is back to first name only an no “is” to follow.

A good step was merging Events and Birthday reminders – I liked this one!

FB Home

Since I hate Facebook applications (most, if not all, are pointless, and they make your profile page suck and a mile long), I’m quite happy with the new tabs.

The Wall tab is the main tab in the profile, where the mini-feed has been merges with the wall; good chronologically, bad for wall posts are lost in between everything else. Updating your status is now as making a new entry to the wall tab. You can notice you can filter the displayed posts as well to see all posts, your posts, or posts by others.

FB Wall Tab

The Info tab now has all your details, that most people used to skip – so it’s good putting it on a separate tab. You’ll check only if you intend to.

FB Info Tab

The there’re the Photos and the Boxes tabs. Photos has the usual thing.
Boxes is where all your insanely-added applications go. I LOVE that. I won’t be able to see them anymore!

You can also add new tabs from the (+) button.

FB Boxes Tab

Photos haven’t changed much. Albums did! I like the new wider, shorter albums.
Notice the ads on the right. It’s silly, more obvious – not in all pages though.

FB Albums

I like the new loading animation …

FB Images

You can post your feedback about the new interface and help shape the launched version. Try it out yourself. Just add the Developer Application and you’ll see it automatically (you can switch back to the old Facebook too).


Written by AlaaShaker

July 30, 2008 at 1:19 am

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