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Create you own polls, votes and surveys using Google Spreadsheets

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In many situations, a person needs to execute some survey, vote-collection or throwing a poll for instance. There are several online services that offer that at a low price. Since most of us prefer not paying, we either go to distributing documents through mass-mails then suffer collecting the results by hand, or simply let a user group do that service for you (as Yahoo! Groups – meaning that your audience should be member users), or use creepy pages with tons of ads to get it free.

Another solution would be using Google Spreadsheets from GoogleDocs.
This tutorial shows how you could easily use this solution to conclude polls, votes and surveys …
(If you prefer watching a video, click here)

  1. Go to GoogleDocs. Click New > Spreadsheet.
    New Spreadsheet
  2. I suggest the first thing you do, is save the Spreadsheet.
    Save Spreadsheet
  3. From the tabs above, click Form. Then click Create a form.
    Create a form
  4. A new window will pop-up as shown below.
    Add Question
  5. Fill your form as follows:
  6. Enter a Title (default value to the name you saved the spreadsheet to).
  7. If you have any introduction text, enter that in the text area below the Title.
  8. For each question:
    1. Enter a Question Title.
    2. Use Help Text to provide hints or directions that help your audience answer your questions.
      Example: If your asking about the name, you can type in the Help Text “Please, enter you full name.” If your asking for a phone number, you can type “Don’t forget your country code”.
    3. Choose a Question Type:
      • Text: Single-lined textual input, usually for names or short text answers.
      • Paragraph Text: Same as text, but for longer answers (paragraphs), usually for comments, describe something, etc.
      • Multiple Choice: Radio buttons that help you choose one of two or more options.
      • Check Boxes: Helps you pick more than one answer from two or more options.
      • Choose from a list: A drop-down list (combo box) to pick on of several items.
      • Scale: Provide a scale the user ranging from 1 to n (where n lies between 3 and 10). You should provide two labels for the right- and left-most values (low and high).
    4. Check Mark this a required question if you want to.
    5. Click Done.
    6. You will see your question as it will appear on the form.
  9. Click Add a question to add more questions in the same manner.
    You can also click Duplicate this question if you have a similar question and you don’t want to start the new one from scratch. (If it doesn’t show, hover over the old question in order to see it).
  10. You can also reorder the questions by moving them up and down using the arrows that appear on the left when you hover over the question.
  11. After you are done, press Save. The press Preview and send.
  12. Copy the link marked above, and here you go!

Check the spreadsheet you saved earlier to see the collected results.

Now, you can easily (and for free) collect votes, polls and survey results as you please 😀


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August 8, 2008 at 3:36 pm

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  1. […] their spreadsheet, I could do that too. A few quick searches to see how others had implemented the form and spreadsheet, and I was halfway done! Yay […]

  2. i see this post is about 2 years old.. i want to know it it still works…


    August 10, 2011 at 8:47 pm

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