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To keep my resume short, here’s a full, separate list of the projects I’ve worked on through the four years of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences, AinShams University, Computer Science Department. (I know the table looks bad, I’ll fix it sometime, LOL.)

The resume itself could be downloaded from here.









Graduation Project: A Multi-touch Applications Development Framework


Touchwork is a development framework that is used to develop applications for multi-touch input devices, by processing and handling user-input from multi-modal input devices such as multi-touch screens, and acting as a middle layer between the input device and the user interface. It applies computer vision to provide a wider scope of user input through the usage of different input modes and gestures. Using Touchwork will facilitate having much more intuitive environments, providing countless, creative solutions for human-computer interaction.

C++, Computer Vision, WTL, WinAPIs, Microsoft DirectShow – Group of four





Image Processing Package

Image Processing Course: A Photoshop-like application that uses applied mathematics to perform image processing operation to enhance, adjust, restore and alter images in both the special and frequency domains.


C# (unsafe), Windows Forms and Controls, MATLAB – Alone





Archigos II

Computer Architecture Course: Reworking an older project – A set of projects containing a generic emulator that models and emulates any computer processor given its circuit, as well as a generic assembler that takes the description of computer instructions from XML files.


C#, Windows Forms and Controls, NI Electronics Workbench 10.0, XML, Reflections – Group of three






(FCIS Operating System)

Operating Systems Course: A simple operating system that boots, loads its Kernel, and includes a memory management module that supports virtual memory spaces and multiple processes. (Follows the post-graduate UTexas OS Course Lab CS372H).



C under Linux – Group of two





Simple DX9 Game

Computer Graphics Course: A simple game with sound demonstrating bill boarding, mesh-collision, key-capturing and alpha-blending, built by implementing a simple game engine hierarchy.


C#, DX9 SDK  – Group of three






A simple game of a ball in mazes that demonstrates building a game engine using PhysX SDK and rendered using OGRE SDK.        

C++, OGRE, PhysX – Group of three





System Analysis

System Analysis and Design Course: System analysis for Intercontinental CityStars, Cairo, Egypt.    

Rational Rose – Group of five






Logic Programming Course: A computer-challenged Chess game, demonstrating an inference engine that calculates possible moves for the PC opponent using search trees and algorithms as enhanced Alpha-Beta tree-pruning, with a limited advice table foundation.


Visual Prolog 5.2 – Group of three






Assembly Language Course: A limited assembly virus, that is totally undetectable due to its infection technique.


Assembly language (MASM) – Group of three





TINY Language Compiler

Compiler Theory Course: An implementation of the lexical analyzer, syntax analyzer and semantic analyzer with error handling for the TINY Language.


C#, Windows Forms and Controls – Group of two





Dijkestra’s Shortest Path

Algorithm Analysis and Design Course: A visual implementation of Dijkestra’s Shortest Path algorithm; demonstrating several design patterns.


C#, Windows Forms and Controls, GDI/GDI+ – Group of three





Socket Application

Computer Networks Course: A Client/Server application that transfers test messages, files, voice and video over a network using Socket Programming.


C#, Windows Forms and Controls, Socket Programming – Group of two






A chat application that implements Jabber’s XMPP protocol (as GoogleTalk), relying on using XML stanzas to provide a client/server platform for exchanging messages, presence, files, etc. and supports gateways to Yahoo and MSN as well.


C#, Windows Forms and Controls, GDI/GDI+, XMPP protocol  – Group of three






A personal finance application to manage bank accounts, debts, loans, credit, and other financial aspects as budgeting and reviewing one’s financial situation and position.


C#, Windows Forms and Controls, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Third-party tools for interface – Group of five





Hotel Reservation System

Object-Oriented Programming Course: A simple hotel reservation system; Windows Forms application with a simple Flash interface.


C#, Windows Forms and Controls, ADO.NET, T-SQL, Macromedia Flash 8 – Alone





Mouse Maze

A mouse that wanders randomly in a maze trying to reach the endpoint, and studies the correct path through its journey. On the second round, the mouse is able to find its way successfully straight away.    

C++, MFC – Alone





UXV (Underwater Excavation Vehicle)

A submarine that wanders the bottom of the sea according to some rules and specifications.    

C++ Console Application (OOP) – Alone




Mall System

Object-Oriented Programming Course: A Mall system; buy, add, edit and delete products, demonstrating OOP, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism.


C++ Console Application (OOP) – Group of three






Structured Programming Course: Minesweeper; the game in three levels.


C++ Console Application – Alone





Charity Organization System

Information Systems Course: A charity organization that organizes the donations of money according to some schedule to poor families.



Microsoft Access – Group of four





Palmistry Guide

A website explaining the science of palmistry and how the shape of the hand, fingers, nails and lines could help suggest the character of its owner.



HTML, JavaScript – Alone




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July 3, 2009 at 11:44 pm

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